CBGlyco™ Aminolink Plus Coupling Resin (CAT#: Glyco-037CL)

Aminolink Plus Coupling Resin uses aldehyde-activated agarose beads for high-yield covalent coupling of antibodies (proteins) via primary amines to prepare columns for affinity purification.

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  • The Aminolink Plus Coupling Reaction involves spontaneous formation of Schiff base bonds between aldehydes (on the support) and amines (on the ligand) and their subsequent stabilization by incubation with a mild reductant (sodium cyanoborohydride). The entire coupling reaction, called reductive amination, occurs in 4 to 6 hours in simple non-amine buffers such as PBS. Coupling efficiency with antibodies and typical proteins is generally greater than 85%, resulting in 1 to 20 mg of immobilized protein per milliliter of agarose resin.

    Coupling efficiencies with Aminolink Plus Coupling Resin exceed those obtained with cyanogen bromide (CNBr) activated supports. Furthermore, Aminolink Plus Chemistry forms a bond with the amine-containing ligand that is more stable than with the CNBr method and is uncharged. These properties provide a more leak-resistant immobilization and lower nonspecific binding when used for affinity purification procedures.
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  • Affinity, Agarose Resin
  • Immobilized Phase
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  • Store at 4°C.


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  • Aminolink Plus Resin is beaded agarose support that has been modified to contain aldehyde groups. Antibodies, other proteins, or any molecules with primary amines can be conjugated to the resin by an optimized form of reductive amination. Once an antibody or other ligand is immobilized, the prepared affinity resin can be used for a variety of affinity purification methods involving batch or column chromatography. The resin and linkage are stable in binding and elution conditions typically used in affinity chromatography, enabling prepared resin to be used for at least 10 rounds of affinity purification.


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