Anti-Human AXL Recombinant Antibody scFv Fragment (Humanized 11B7) (CAT#: TAB-1098CL-S(P))

The anti-AXL antibody targets AXL, and with the ADC form, the antibody can be used in the treatment of cancers, such as prostate cancer and breast cancer.

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  • Host Species
  • Human
  • Type
  • Humanized antibody
  • Specificity
  • Human
  • Clone
  • Humanized 11B7
  • Related Disease
  • Breast cancer, Prostate cancer


  • Alternative Names
  • AXL; AXL receptor tyrosine kinase; ARK; UFO; JTK11; Tyro7

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Product Notes

This is a product of Creative Biolabs' Hi-Affi™ recombinant antibody portfolio, which has several benefits including:

• Increased sensitivity
• Confirmed specificity
• High repeatability
• Excellent batch-to-batch consistency
• Sustainable supply
• Animal-free production

See more details about Hi-Affi™ recombinant antibody benefits.


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Chimeric Antibody

CAT Product Name Application Type
TAB-0189CL Human Anti-AXL Recombinant Antibody (TAB-0189CL) WB, FuncS, ELISA, FC Chimeric (Mouse/Human) IgG1, κ
TAB-0189CL-S(P) Human Anti-AXL Recombinant Antibody; scFv Fragment (TAB-0189CL-S(P)) WB, FuncS, ELISA, FC Human scFv
TAB-1071CLV Human Anti-AXL Recombinant Antibody (TAB-1071CLV) ADCC, FuncS Chimeric (mouse/human) IgG1, κ
TAB-1072CLV Human Anti-AXL Recombinant Antibody (TAB-1072CLV) ELISA Chimeric (mouse/human) IgG1, κ
TAB-1073CLV Human Anti-AXL Recombinant Antibody (TAB-1073CLV) ELISA Chimeric (mouse/human) IgG1, κ

Humanized Antibody

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody

CAT Product Name Application Type
MOR-3970 Hi-Affi™ Rabbit Anti-AXL Recombinant Antibody (clone SI30DS) ELISA Rabbit IgG

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