Dual Variable Domain IgG (DVD-IgG)

Creative Biolabs offers clients a novel bispecific antibody (BsAb) format, the dual variable domain IgG (DVD-IgG), for many diverse studies in antibody engineering. We aim to provide the reliable, efficient services to meet our customer’s individual requirements.

Schematic diagram of DVD-IgG Figure: Schematic diagram of DVD-IgG

DVD-IgG is one type of bispecific antibody format, which is generated from two parental mAbs by placing two variable domains from one parental antibody onto the heavy chain and the light chain of another parental antibody, instead of one variable domain. The variable domain pairs can be derived from whole human, mouse or rat mAbs with phage/yeast display libraries. And the short peptides derived from the N-termini of CH1 or CL link the outer variable domain (VD1) and the inner variable domain (VD2) together. The DVD-IgG retains the antigen-binding specificity, affinity, and biologic activities from its both parental antibodies, therefore, all of its four variable domains are functional. Many different DVD-IgGs have been designed and manufactured for treating complex diseases with multiple mediators contributing to overall disease pathogenesis.

Services include:

  1. VD selection: pairing from parental mAbs.
  2. Arrangement of the inner/outer orientation of the selected VDs.
  3. Determination of the amino acid sequences used to link the VDs.
  4. DVD-IgG optimization: such as improving expression in mammalian cells, simplifing purification via standard approaches, etc.

Creative Biolabs has bispecific antibody design and construction experience in the field of antibody engineering, which makes us the incomparable supplier of DVD-IgGs with good drug-like biophysical and pharmacokinetic properties, and amenability for large-scale manufacturing. We are confident to provide you with a first-class service while at competitive cost.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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