CBGlyco™ InVision His-Tag In-Gel Staining Kit (Glyco-056CL)

The Invision His-tag In-gel Staining Kit includes Invision His-tag In-gel Stain (also available separately), as well as BenchMark His-tagged Protein Standard. Invision His-tag In-gel Stain is a ready-to-use, fast, sensitive, and highly specific stain for visualizing His-tagged fusion protein bands directly in a polyacrylamide gel following electrophoresis.      

Product Size
1 kit
Target Molecule
Proteins (His-Tagged)
Label or Dye
Invision His-Tag Stain
Detection Method
Detection Location
In-Gel Detection
Contents & storage
Invision His-tag In-gel Stain is supplied as a 1X ready-to-use staining reagent (500 mL). BenchMark His-tagged Protein Standard (125 µL) is also included in the kit.
• Stain proteins fused to an oligohistidine sequence
• Eliminate western blotting-detect His-tagged proteins directly in the gel
• Detect nanogram levels of protein bands with a UV transilluminator, equipped with a standard camera, or a laser-based scanner
• Visualize results in under 3 hours

Convenienty provided as one ready-to-use solution, Invision His-tag In-gel Stain does not require mixing, dilution, or solution preparation.

Fast and Easy Staining
The Invision His-tag In-gel Stain protocol is easy to perform and requires very little hands-on-time, allowing for rapid and scalable protein expression screening in a variety of gel types. Following electrophoresis, the gel is fixed, incubated in the stain, washed, and the specific His-tagged fusion protein detected by exposing the gel to UV or visible light. In under 3 hours, nanogram levels of His-tagged fusion protein can be detected. After documenting your Invision Stain signal, total protein staining can be performed.

For lab research use only, not for diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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