Peptide Libraries

Peptide LibrariesCreative Biolabs provide the customer many kinds of different Premade Phage Display Peptide Libraries, which have become the significant tools for mapping protein-protein contacts, epitope mapping and identification of peptide mimics of non-peptide ligands

Phage display is a selection mechanics in which a library of peptide or protein variants is expressed as a genetic fusion to a bacteriophage coat protein and displayed on the surface of phage. Besides using the publically available peptide libraries, Creative Biolabs also provide 3 peptide libraries that were constructed in house: TriCo-16™ Phage Display Peptide Library; TriCo-20™ Phage Display Peptide Library; Phage Display Peptide-10™ Library. Trimer Codons (TriCo-) phage library is constructed with a pIII-fusion 16-mer or 20-mer random peptide library based on a true phage vector. The random peptides are encoded by DNA sequences that were randomized using Trinucleotide Phosphoramidites (Trimer Codons) of bacterial preference, thus completely avoiding stop and non-sense codons.

Features of TriCo- Phage Display Peptide Library:

High specificity: As validated by quality control DNA sequencing, more than 97% of randomly picked clones from the two libraries contained dsDNA inserts, and only an insignificant percentage of them harbored longer or shorter diversified peptides.

None stop codons in the insert dsDNA. No single nucleotide deletion or insertion detected; importantly, non-sense frame-shift mutation was completely absent.

No Cys encoding codon was identified in the peptide library as designed.

Peptide Libraries

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Increase Efficiency to Accelerate Your Research & 
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