Protein Scaffold Libraries

Protein Scaffold LibrariesCreative Biolabs has provided over than 500 engineered protein scaffold library construction services to our clients, and we are now capable in providing over than 100 services per year. Our service has provided a strong foundation for the successful isolation and exploitation of high-affinity binders in the fields of research, diagnosis, and therapy. We have developed trimer codon technology, which offers site directed mutant library construction in a high throughput and extremely precise way.

The advent of all protein scaffolds brings the driving force to the protein engineering process. Possibilities of engineered protein scaffolds have been explored in research, diagnostics and therapy in the last few years.

The modular structure of protein scaffolds and their favorable biophysical & chemical properties do not only allow the binding of a diverse set of targets in a specific manner and with high affinity, but also suggest the utilization of the rigid protein framework for generic engineering concepts, for example, for intracellular applications. After the application of antibody engineering methods along with library techniques had resulted in first successes in the selection of functional antibody fragments, several laboratories began to exploit other types of protein architectures for the construction of practically useful binding proteins. Properties like small size of the receptor protein, stability and ease of production were the focus of this work. Hence, among others, single domains of antibodies or of the immunoglobulin superfamily, protease inhibitors, helix-bundle proteins and disulphide-knotted peptides were investigated. Besides that, the scaffold concept has even been adopted for the construction of enzymes. Engineered protein scaffolds have been becoming invaluable tools for a vast range of biotechnological and pharmaceutical applications.

Devised to expand the range of applications of specific protein scaffolds, Creative Biolabs has developed trimer codon mutant library construction technology, which offers 100% precise mutant library construction with the expected size of ≥1010.

Our technology includes the services for :
• Protein A C domain scaffold library construction
• Monobody/Adnectin/FN3 Scaffold library
• Affilin Library Construction Service
• DARPin Scaffold library Construction
• Knottins library construction service
• Thioredoxin library construction service

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Increase Efficiency to Accelerate Your Research & Discovery Process

Increase Efficiency to Accelerate Your Research & 
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