CBGlyco™ Silver Stain Kit for Mass Spectrometry (CAT#: Glyco-043CL)

Silver Stain for Mass Spectrometry is a complete kit for rapid and sensitive silver staining of proteins in polyacrylamide gels and efficient destaining of excised gel pieces for mass spectrometry analysis.

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  • Product Size
  • 1 L
  • Target Molecule
  • Protein
  • Label or Dye
  • Silver
  • Detection Method
  • Colorimetric
  • Detection Location
  • In-Gel Detection
  • Contents & storage
  • Kit Contents:
    • Silver Stain Sensitizer, 2 mL
    • Silver Stain Enhancer, 25 mL
    • Silver Stain Developer, 500 mL
    • Silver Stain, 500 mL
    • Silver Destain Reagent A, 4 mL
    • Silver Destain Reagent B, 14 mL

    Storage: Upon receipt store at ambient temperature


  • Description
  • This silver staining kit for mass spectrometry (MS) bundles components of the high-performance Silver Stain Kit with optimized reagents to destain spots for subsequent in-gel tryptic digestion to recover peptide fragments for proteomics analysis. The resulting MS-compatible product and protocol deliver outstanding sensitivity and maintains favorable conditions for the high-yield recovery and identification (sequence coverage) of proteins by mass spectrometry. Silver staining of 2D gels is now an important intermediate step in a set of procedures that leads ultimately to identification of specific proteins in the proteome by mass fingerprinting methods. The Silver Stain protocol provides peak staining performance, flexibility, reliability and robustness for applications such as MALDI-MS.

    The Silver Stain Kit for Mass Spectrometry enables both first-time and experienced users to achieve consistent and reliable staining using high-, low- and gradient-percentage polyacrylamide gels in single-dimension and 2D formats. The optimized staining method ensures extremely sensitive staining while minimizing covalent crosslinking of protein to the gel matrix, which can inhibit protein-peptide recovery following in-gel proteolysis. The destaining reagents facilitate complete removal of silver from stained protein bands and maximum protein recovery for subsequent mass spectrometry analysis.

    Silver staining methods generally use either glutaraldehyde or formaldehyde, which cause some covalent crosslinking of protein to each other and the gel matrix. To the extent that this crosslinking occurs, extraction or elution of protein from the gel will be inhibited. Silver Stain uses formaldehyde in the stain and developer working solutions. However, the procedure accompanying the Kit for Mass Spectrometry is optimized to maximize polypeptide recovery without greatly sacrificing sensitivity.


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