Based on our novel technology platform, Creative Biolabs provides a superior trifunctional molecule (Triomab) service. We have already supplied this antibody development service to more than 300 institutes and nearly 100 biotech companies. We also offer customers specialized antibody production services tailored to your needs and specifications.

Diagram of Triomab Figure: Diagram of Triomab (Antibodies, 2013)

Triomabs are trifunctional antibodies. They can redirect T cells, along with some other kinds of Fc receptor expressing cells, to tumor. There are two Triomabs named Catumaxomab and Ertumaxomab respectively, which have already been applied in clinical developments. Among the BsAbs generated via quadroma technology thus far, Triomabs are the most encouraging type. The Trimomab platform of Creative Biolabs can target not only numerous tumor-associated antigens but also CD3 molecule on T cells simultaneously.

Our excellent team is glad to offer you our powerful Triomab technique for trifunctional antibodies. Creative Biolabs has developed a number of engineered antibodies with successful reports.


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For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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