Dual-affinity Re-targeting Antibody (DART)

Based on outstanding recombinant antibody synthesis platform, Creative Biolabs offers high-quality dual-affinity re-targeting antibodies (DARTs) and pharmacokinetics-stable DART-Fcs, which can fulfill every specific demand from our customer in academic research and therapeutic development.

Figure: Diagram of a DART structure

Bi-single domain antibody consists of two VH domains linked by a hinge. It is the simplest form of bispecific antibody (BsAb). The small size of bi-single domain antibody endows it incomparable capability in tissue penetration, which makes it an effective tool for delivering therapeutic molecules or effector cells accurately. However, the minimalized structure constrains the necessary conformational flexibility during antibody-antigen recognition, which in turn reduces the binding efficiency.

Therefore, DARTs are developed to solve this problem. A DART molecule is consisted of two engineered Fv fragments which have their own VH exchanged with the other one (Figure). In detail, the Fv1 is consisted of a VH from antibody A and a VL from antibody B, while the Fv2 is consisted of VH from Ab-B and VL from Ab-A. This inter-exchange of Fv domains releases variant fragments from the conformational constraint by the short linking peptide. It ideally mimics the natural interaction within an IgG molecule. Furthermore, DART molecules are also resistant to aggregation during frozen storage and are potent both in in vitro and in vivo administration.

Due to the small size and rapid renal elimination in vivo, DARTs are still on its way to be fully developed, especially for chronic disease treatment. However, fusing DART to an Fc region can significantly prolong its serum half-life, which gives physicians a broad range for choice in dosing.

Highlighted by recombinant antibody synthesis platform, multiple bio-engineering platforms in Creative Biolabs are integrated as a budget and time-saving working procedure, which can offer customers DARTs and DART-Fcs with high-affinity to any pair of interested targets.

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