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Schematic representation of the DVI-IgG antibody Figure: Schematic representation of the DVI-IgG antibody (Immunology, 2015)

DVI-IgG is a kind of IgG-based heterodimeric and tetra-specific antibody format, which is generated by using cutting-edge antibody engineering strategies. It is constructed by fusing two DVD-IgG antibodis with distinct specificity via the “knobs into holes” (KIH) and the CrossMab methods. Besides the antigen-binding specificity, affinity, and biologic activities of its parental antibodies, the DVI-IgG has two new additional domains. Therefore, it is a four-in-one IgG form, which is able to simultaneously recognize 4 target antigens without changing the high affinity of its parental antibodies. The design and manufacture of DVI-IgGs have aroused abundant interests in the bispecific antibody engineering field for disease treatments.

Creative Biolabs has plenty of experience in the field of bispecific antibody design and construction, such as bispcific IgGs, appended IgGs, bispecific antibody fragments, bispecific fusion protein and so on. We are confident to provide you with a first-class service and a competitive cost.


  1. Christoph Spiess, et al. Alternative molecular formats and therapeutic applications for bispecific antibodies. Molecular Immunology 2015, 67, 95–106.

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