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Epitope-Specific Antibody

Epitope-Specific AntibodyEpitope, aslo known as antigenic determinant, is the part of an antigen that is recognized by the immune system, specifically by antibody. For each antibody-related scientific research, specific epitope is always required for selection of antibody with validated binding affinity and biological function. Creative biolabs is world-renowned biotechnology company specialized in antibody development. We have already launched a series of antibody product, for which the corresponding epitope is determined.

Antibodies are always used as excellent affinity reagents for the study of antibody-based methods. An important aspect for the performance and specificity of an antibody is the binding site. The epitopes of protein antigens are divided into conformational epitopes and linear epitope. A conformational epitope is a sequence of amino acid that has a specific three-dimensional shape, while a linear epitope is an epitope that is recognized by antibody in the form of linear polypeptide. To select antibodies for various antibody-based assays and for therapeutic applications, many of the properties about the target has to be taken into consideration, such as domain, conformation, similarity among species, and interaction with their counterparts, all of which are related with epitope to some extent.

At Creative Biolabs, an increasing number of epitope-specific antibodies are characterized by our specialists. To meet the requirements from various research fields, we will spare no effort to commit ourselves to providing the best antibody reagents for our customers.

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