Recombinant Antibody Expression

An increasing portion of marketed drugs and drugs under development are biopharmaceuticals, of which antibodies currently are the most common molecule class. Among those, recombinant antibodies are the fastest growing group and a large number of new antibody products are in clinical and preclinical development. Recombinant antibodies offer many advantages over traditionally generated monoclonal antibodies that are only beginning to be explored. Several expression systems are available for producing recombinant antibodies and antibody fragments, ranging from prokaryotic expression system including bacteria to eukaryotic expression system including yeasts, insect cell lines, mammalian cells, and transgenic plants and animals.This review aims at summarizing the recent trends, tries to evaluate the level of feasibility and reliability reached by the different methodologies, and will describe some recent innovative proposals.

A partial of content as followed:

  1. Prokaryotic Expression System - Production of Antibody Fragments
  2. Eukaryotic Expression System - Production of Antibody Fragments

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