Therapeutic Antibody Review - Latest Approved List, Mechanism of Action (MoA) for Improving Antibody-based Therapy Strategy

In this review, we collected date and information of therapeutic antibody drugs approved by FDA to form a comprehensive list including therapeutic antibodies name (INN and trade name), sourced companies, target, MoA, and first approval year.etc. Meanwhile, classification and naming of therapeutic antibody is describe in detail here. Combing a brief introduction of MoA of therapeutic antibody, corresponding antibody-based therapy strategy are summarized and will assist researchers to comprehend therapeutic antibody a whole for boosting their valuable studies.

A partial of list as followed:

1. Approved Therapeutic Antibody Drug List and Revenue
2. The Classification and Naming of Therapeutic Antibodies
3. Mechanism of Action of Therapeutic Antibodies - provide novel therapeutic monoclonal antibodies discovery direction and various mAb-based therapy strategies
4. Summary and Outlook

Therapeutic Antibody Review

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