Gram Scale Antibody Production Service

At Creative Biolabs, our most professional scientists have created a novel and advanced protein production service, especially for antibody production. Noticeable, possessing decades’ accumulation of protein producing experience and technological advancement, our services are able to superiorly produce our superior antibody or customer’s antibody with almost every quantity range from small-scale (milligram) to middle-scale (gram), and particularly even kilogram without damage of bioactivity and purity.

Gram Scale Antibody Production Service

Since antibody has been applied for almost every aspect of life research, modern health care, and manifested unlimited potentials for every malicious disease cure in the future, it is extremely critical to maximize the expression yields of recombinant conventional whole antibodies or novel antibody formats, such as Fabs, single-chain Fvs, single-domain antibodies, nanobodies, etc. Thus, the great-scale production of highly desirable antibody could lower production costs and boost wide application for research or health care purposes. At Creative Biolabs, we have developed multiple advanced prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression service for superior antibody production with multiple advanced optimizations for intrinsic and extrinsic variables. With our years’ accumulation of protein production experience and creative advanced technologies, Creative Biolabs offers almost every conventional and the newest antibody production system for structure complexity, modification (especially glycosylation), and customer’s requirement.

Magic™ Prokaryotic Antibody Production Service

Magic™ Escherichia coli Expression Service offers the most popular system to produce an antibody with low cost and high convenience, especially for antibody fragments.
Magic™ Bacillus subtilis Expression Service provides an alternative popular system.

Magic™ Eukaryotic Antibody Production Service

Magic™ Yeast Expression Service
Magic™ Filamentous Fungus Expression Service
Magic™ Eukaryotic Alga Expression Service
Magic™ Plant Cell Expression Service
Magic™ Parasite Expression Service
Magic™ Insect Cell Expression Service
Magic™ Mammalian Cell Expression Service
Magic™ Transgenic Animal Expression Service

Magic™ High-throughput Antibody Production Service

At Creative Biolabs, our superior service is superior for producing a large amount of antibody during a very short time without preparing stable cell line and optimizing multiple detailed designs such as accumulation of antibody in different cellular compartments (the outer membrane, periplasm, cytoplasm, extracellular secretion, etc.). Alternatively, we also could be able to prepare stable cell line for customized requirement and produce an antibody with master cell bank.

Currently, our scientists are able to engineer protein or antibody product with the most creative methods for customized requirements, such as anchoring, residences, and varied quantity scales. Once customer’s desired protein or antibody is produced, our scientists will qualify every product with professional validation tests and evaluate it with multiple scientific parameters, especially the specific characteristics of particular synthesis system. In addition, our spirits are always eager to create evolutional strategies and develop more novel and advanced technologies with decades’ diligent dedication for directly overcoming or indirectly bypassing almost every challenging bottleneck. Winging up with our advanced technologies and strategies at Creative Biolabs, researcher’s valuable project will achieve superior significance and scientific contribution. If you wish to make a contribution to scientific research and health care, please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information. We guarantee our excellent help for your precious idea.

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Increase Efficiency to Accelerate Your Research & Discovery Process

Increase Efficiency to Accelerate Your Research & 
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