Creative Biolabs provides professional ImmTAC BsAb design and construction services for your research. With our most devoted scientists, we are confident to deliver you an ImmTAC that can meet all of your required specifications.

ImmTAC is engineered by fusing a humanized anti-CD3 single chain antibody fragment to an affinity-matured T-cell receptor that recognizes target HLA-presented peptides. As a novel class of anticancer agents, ImmTAC combines the power of high-affinity TCR-based antigen recognition with the immune-activating potential of the anti-CD3 antibody fragment. Technically, it overcomes the inherent recognition problems of natural T-cell to tumor cells. Furthermore, ImmTAC provides an opportunity to expand T cells retargeted to intracellular antigens for killing tumor cells. Altogether, these properties make ImmTAC to be a useful tool for cancer targeted therapy.

Figure: Schematic representation of the mechanism of action of ImmtACs (OncoImmunology, 2013)

Creative Biolabs has extensive experience in bispecific antibody design and construction. We are confident to provide you with top technical scientists, advanced construction platform and a competitive cost

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