LUZ-Y Bispecific Antibody (BsAb)

With many years of experience in bispecific antibodies development, Creative Biolabs provides a novel platform named LUZ-Y bispecific antibody (BsAb) technique. Our experts provide a wide range of bispecific antibody services that can accelerate your research process from lab to clinical stage.

Figure: Alternative formats for LUZ-Y BsAbs (J Biol Chem, 2012)

Our skilled scientists perform this new technique for bispecific antibodies production by introducing a single amino acid mutation into heavy chain and a leucine zipper into the antibody Fc domain C terminus respectively. This structure can play a critical role in promoting the dimerization process of the heterogenous heavy chains. And it can be easily removed in antibody purification process. The major advantage of LUZ-Y bispecific antibody is that it can greatly avoid cognate light chains and heavy chains mispairing, and make the products display more similar features to native IgGs compared with other techniques, such as knobs-into-holes, strand-exchange engineered domain (SEED), and electrostatic steering.

Utilizing this technique, we offer customers the following antibody constructs:

  1. One-armed Abs paired with a full-length heavy chain (HC) and a single light chain (LC)
  2. Bispecific antibodies using a identical light chain
  3. Bispecific antibodies: light chains linked with their cognate heavy chains through non-cleavable peptide tethers
  4. Bispecific antibodies: light chains linked with their cognate heavy chains through cleavable peptide tethers

With a greater understanding of novel antibody formats and a proprietary cloning system, we can provide you the LUZ-Y bispecific antibody design and production services.

Bernd J. Wranik, et al. LUZ-Y, a novel platform for the mammalian cell production of full-length IgG-bispecific antibodies. J Biol Chem. 2012 Dec 21;287(52):43331-9.

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