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Magic™ High-throughput Antibody Production Service

The incredible Magic™ High-throughput Antibody Production Service of Creative Biolabs has adopted all the mature technologies relating to the high-throughput antibody production. Meanwhile, our diligent scientists are still vigilant to any emerging novel concepts and strategies for perfecting our superior antibody screen and expression service harboring the most excellent high-throughput capacity. Currently, the gorgeous service at Creative Biolabs is able to perform the best high-throughput antibody expression with sufficient amounts among various eukaryotic and prokaryotic hosts. Noticeable, the numerous antibodies produced and purified at our service have successfully applied in almost every area of basic research and a considerable number of demanding drug screens and developments.

Magic™ High-throughput Antibody Production Service

Since the advanced bio-technologies are keeping growing exponentially, our creative scientists have combined the most professional gene synthesis and excellent transient expression technologies to screen and produce a considerable number of target antibodies with superior bioactivities and additional customized characteristics in the CreativeBio-optimized CHO and HEK293 cells mainly. In detail, the Magic™ High-throughput Antibody Production Service has created an extremely efficient system of high-throughput gene synthesis and cloning by adopting and optimizing the most advanced technologies currently. Noticeable, our high-throughput capacity not only easily covers the conventional 96- and 384-well expression and subsequent purification with superior yield and purity, but also the emerging higher throughput based on researcher’s requirements. Generally, we recommend the optimal 10 to 30 ml volume for the swift antibody expression and screen purpose according to our decade’s successful experience with numerous desired antibodies. Meanwhile, the customized lower or higher volumes are widely suitable for our service based on our optimized design or customized requirement. Moreover, the Magic™ High-throughput Antibody Production Service guarantees a swift screening and producing period in 4 weeks starting from the antibody sequences. Subsequently, we will offer desired antibodies in two weeks. Considering our excellent product quality and great advantages on price, our service has screened numerous antibodies and produced a number of desired targets with superior performance, such as conventional antibodies, Fc-fusion proteins, bispecific antibodies, etc.

The Magic™ High-throughput Antibody Production Service of Creative Biolabs starts with a specific sequence of a whole antibody or variable region, ends with multiple particular characteristics, such as the mutation requirements, specific antibody type, host selection, modification requirement, etc. Eventually, we offer up to several micrograms of target antibodies with 95 % purity at least through our creative quality control system. Meanwhile, we provide the detailed lab report of the whole procedure and optimized parameters. No doubt, the Magic™ High-throughput Antibody Production Service is destined to stand on the cutting-edge of antibody production for pushing the frontline forward. If you have any question, contact us now for more information.

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