Shrimp tropomyosin

Food allergy is a global serious food safety problem, in which the proportion of people who are allergic to aquatic products is 2.4%, and there is still a rising trend. According to statistics, crustaceans such as shrimps and crabs are the most common food allergens in Asia, and about 40% of Asian children and 33% of Asian adults are allergic to shrimp and crab. Prawns are loved by people because of their delicious taste and high nutritional value, but shrimps are easy to cause food allergies. There are four main allergens in shrimp: the highly conserved myofibrillar myosin (TM) with a molecular weight of about 35~38 kD; arginine kinase (AK), Pen m 2 or Lit v 2, molecular mass of about 40 kD; sarcoplasmic calcium-binding protein (SCP), Lit v 4, molecular mass of about 22 kD; myosin light chain (MLC) ), Litv 3, with a molecular mass of approximately 20 kD. Among them, TM is the most important allergen. At least 80% of allergic patients with shrimp are allergic to TM, and about 85% of allergic patients' serum will react specifically with TM, causing allergic reactions of different intensities. Due to the heat resistance of TM, it is difficult to inactivate it in general food processing. Recently, there have been reports that ultrahigh pressure, enzymatic hydrolysis, Maillard reaction, etc. can reduce the allergenicity of TM to a certain extent. However, the allergic method has so far only avoided the consumption of shrimp and the system.
TM is widely found in mollusks, crustaceans, and echinoderms. The homology of TM between crustaceans is as high as 98%; the homology between different classes is as high as 70%-85%, causing cross-reactivity. According to a large number of reports, people who are allergic to shrimp may also be allergic to TM in dust mites, mites, oysters, and the like.

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Llama VHH
WB, IP, ChiP, Neut, ELISA
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