Bi-single domain antibody

Creative Biolabs possesses unchallenged experience in bi-single domain antibody synthesis. Multiple platforms of Creative Biolabs are elaborately integrated for providing customers an expected bi-single domain antibody with high affinity and low immunogenicity for both academic and industrial purposes.

Bi-single domain antibody, also termed bispecific VHH single domain antibody (sdAb), is a derivative of camelid heavy chain antibody (hcAb). Unlike conventional mammal antibody which consists of two pairs of chains, hcAb has only one pair of heavy chains with constant domain and variable domain (VHH), and the bi-single domain antibody is only consisted of the VHHs. The loss of light chain and constant fragment in bi-single domain antibody does not eliminate its functional antigen-binding capacity, but even endows it unsubstitutable advantage in application. One fifth of convential antibody molecular weight (~150 kDa) makes bi-single domain antibody (~30 kDa) perform much better in penetrating tissue, binding antigen, recognizing epitope, enduring physical and chemical impact. Additionally, we can also link a bi-single domain antibody to an albumin to generate HSA-bi-single domain antibody, which has a longer half-life and improved bio-distribution.

Figure: Diagram of a bi-single domain antibody structure

Beside the outstanding advantages of sdAb, bi-single domain antibody also possesses the unique potential for therapeutic application as bispecific antibody. Hence, Creative Biolabs makes itself a qualified bi-single domain antibody producer with rich experience in bi-single domain antibody field.

And Our Renowned Protein Engineering platform is very suitable for vector construction, protein expression and antibody purification. Furthermore, Sensitive Immunogenicity Assessment Technology® (SIAT) platform can also promise our customer not only a pure bi-single domain antibody product, but also a reliable research tool with effect and safety.

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