CBGlyco™ Blue Stain Reagent (Glyco-039CL)

Blue Stain Reagent is a ready-to-use protein stain based on colloidal coomassie dye G-250 that provides nanogram-level detection and excellent clarity for polyacrylamide gels.      

Product Size
500 mL
3.5 L
Target Molecule
Label or Dye
Detection Method
Detection Location
In-Gel Detection, In-Blot Detection
Contents & storage
Store at 4°C.
Blue Stain Reagent uses the colloidal properties of coomassie G-250 dye for polyacrylamide gel protein staining. This unique reagent stains only protein and, unlike traditional coomassie stains based on the R-250 form of the dye, allows bands to be viewed directly on the gel during the staining process. After staining, an optional water-wash step further enhances staining sensitivity and yields a clear background. With Blue Stain there is no need for multistep destaining procedures typically associated with other gel staining systems.

This unique Blue Stain Reagent stains only protein and allows bands to be viewed directly in the gel during the 1 hour gel staining process. After staining, a water equilibration step (Water Wash Enhancement) further enhances staining sensitivity and yields a clear gel background. Because the destaining step does not fix the protein, Blue Stain is compatible with mass spectrometry analysis and N-terminal sequence analysis.

Blue Stain Reagent contains additives that help to slow down the formation of dye-dye and dye-protein aggregates, which form in all coomassie dye-based protein staining reagents. Nevertheless, if left undisturbed, the reagent will form visible dye-dye aggregates that settle in the bottom of the bottle. Gently inverting or tipping-and-swirling the bottle several times completely disperses these aggregates. Therefore, it is good practice to mix the stain reagent before pouring or dispensing to ensure that a homogeneous sample of the reagent is used.

For lab research use only, not for diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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