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What do I do if I can't find my products of interest?

The products on our website haven't been completely covered. Creative Biolabs adheres to the principle of doing our utmost to meet customer requirements. Therefore, if you have any requirement, please contact us.

Is the information on the datasheet up-to-date and correct?

The datasheet is the most up-to-data information. When we find any new information, the datasheet will be up to data immediately. Under exceptional case, we can proceed the project following your wish.

Has product been tested in species or application that is not listed in the data sheet?

The species reactivity and applications in datasheet of each product is validated. If the species and application you are interested in is not listed in datasheet, you can contact our scientists. We will recommend the products that meet your requirements.

Do you have conjugated antibodies?

We do offer our clients conjugated antibodies. Generally, the product will be default as none conjugate if not any special needs. If you have conjugation needs, please communicate with our scientists.

Are there any publications using this antibody?

In principle, we don’t show experiment data on the datasheet. But if you want some special data, we can provide what you want that we can get.

Are you able to provide the immunogen sequence for this antibody?

Immunogen sequence information is not easy to get. We only provide this information to our individual clients in private. For some externally sources products, the immunogen sequence is proprietary information. It’s not suitable to open these data.

Do you have any references for the products?

We are so proud of increasing number of our products referenced in the published articles. Under normal conditions, we can’t ask our clients provide their experiment data for us unless the data have been published. We are looking forward to giving you reward for sending us the citation if you have references of our products in publications.

What method does Creative Biolabs use to purify the products?

Protein purification is often performed using affinity chromatography, ultrafiltration and then subjected to sterile filtration to get the bulk of high purity.

What buffer is the product provided in?

Normally, the recombinant antibodies will be stored in the condition of PBS and pH7.4. But some inventory products or externally sources products contain preservative for long-term storage.

Which cell line we choose to express products?

We conduct recombinant antibodies expression in various cells including mammalian cells, yeast, bacteria, and so on. In the most conditions, mammalian cells expression system is good for most experiment. If you don’t have any other requirement, mammalian cells expression system default selection. You can contact us if any special requirement.

How to order products?

If you are interested in our products, please contact us via email, telephone or fax on the contact us page.

Can I get a discount?

You can get discount through the following ways:

a. Promotions on the home page.
b. Order much enough products to get discount.

What is the acceptable tolerance range for storage of antibodies and other reagents recommended at 4°C?

Please save antibody under -20°C. For frequent use in the short term, it is recommended that you save at 4°C. Antibodies should be avoided as much as possible to avoid freezing and thawing. If necessary, you can also dispense the antibodies according to the needs of the experiment to avoid repeated freezing and thawing of the same antibody.

How long can you guarantee the stability of antibodies when left in ambient temperature?

The antibodies are fine at the ambient temperature or 37°C for 2 weeks. The antibody began to unfold clearly at 70°C, and the changes before this process were also quite reversible. That is, at ambient temperature, even when the temperature reaches 50-60°C for a short period of time, the antibody molecules can maintain proper folding and maintain the proper activity. (Arnoldus W.P.Vermeer, 2000)


  1. Arnoldus W.P.Vermeer, et al. The Thermal Stability of Immunoglobulin: Unfolding and Aggregation of a Multi-Domain Protein. Biophysical Journal. 2000 Jan.; 78(1):394-404.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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