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Single-domain Antibody

single domain antibodiesCreative Biolabs provides the most complete collection of SdAb products the world has ever had. From premade to immunized phage display library, our proprietary SdAb platform allows rapid generation and large-scale production of high affinity novel biological therapeutics that have potential in a wide range of human diseases.

SdAbs are single-domain antibodies derived from the variable regions of heavy chain of Camelidae immunoglobulins, also called VHHs. The SdAb technology was originally developed following the discovery that camelidae, unlike mouse, rat or rabbit, possess fully functional antibodies that lack light chains. Therefore, the size of SdAb is extremely small compared to other forms of antibody fragment, which significantly increase the permeability of SdAb. Thus SdAb is considered of great value for research, diagnostics and therapeutics.

Advantages of SdAbs:
• Specificity
• Subnanomolar High Affinity
• High production yield
• Minimal size (~15 kDa)
• Great stability
• Reversible refolding
• Outstanding solubility in aqueous solutions

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