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Generation of Bispecific Antibody

As an excellent supplier in antibody field, Creative Biolabs designs and generates high quality bispecific antibody products. According to customer's detailed requirements, we provide various bispecific antibody construction services by using different technological platforms developed by ourselves.

Figure: Alternative formats for bispecific antibodies and other bispecific immunotherapeutics (Mol Immunol, 2015)

In comparision with traditional antibodies, bispecific antibodies have many advantages such as two distinct binding specificities, great potenial for clinical application, improving immune responses and activating T-lymphocytes. A bispecific monoclonal antibody (BsMAb, BsAb) is an artificial protein which is composed of fragments from two different monoclonal antibodies and consequently binds to two different antigens. The most important application of this approach is in cancer immunotherapy, in the situation of which BsAbs are engineered to bind a cytotoxic cell (via a receptor like CD3) and a target cell simultaneously. With strong capabilities of discovering and developing bispecific antibodies (BsAbs), Creative Biolabs can provide innovative bispecific antibody service based on various technology platforms. Our scientists have broad experience in engineering antibodies and can offer you a sophisticated strategy tailored to your exact needs.

We offer pure and well behaved bispecific antibodies, as well as numerous of different constructions as following:


  1. Christoph Spiess, et al. Alternative molecular formats and therapeutic applications for bispecific antibodies. Mol Immunol. 2015 Oct; 67(2 Pt A):95-106.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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