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Therapeutic Antibody

Therapeutic AntibodiesCreative Biolabs is a pioneer and undisputed global leader in the rapidly emerging market for therapeutic antibodies. We offer a full range of therapeutic antibodies currently available for research of a wide variety of diseases. We guarantee generated endotoxin free antibodies are fully functional and ready to use in animal-based assays.

Therapeutic antibodies are monoclonal antibodies developed to attack specific cells or proteins for the treatment of a wide variety of diseases, including immune disorders, cancers, and infections. Currently, there are 65 monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) approved by FDA for clinical use and more than 350 are being evaluated in clinical trials. Therapeutic antibody development has entered a rapid growth phase in demand of therapeutic market, with recognition of their potential and unprecedented success.

Advantages of Therapeutic Antibodies:
• High-affinity
• High specificity and low off-target activity
• Low or non immunogenic
• Long-term benefit with short-term therapy
• Endotoxin free

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