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Engineered Antibody

As highlighted by recent approvals, engineered antibodies now represent over 30% of biopharmaceuticals in clinical trials. Different antibody-based reagents have gained prominence in the pharmaceutical market. Based on latest recombinant technologies, the selection, humanization, and production of antibodies has been revolutionized for very diverse purposes. Intact antibody molecules can be reduced in size, rebuilt into multivalent molecules, and fused with diverse payloads, such as radionuclides, drugs, toxins, enzymes, liposomes, viruses, and vaccine-inducing epitopes.

Schematic illustration of production of the plant-derived anti-HER2 VHH-FcK antibody. Fig.1 Schematic representation of engineered antibody formats. (Holliger, P., et al)

Creative Biolabs has been focused on antibody engineering modification including intact antibody designs (e.g. humanization, de-immunization, affinity maturation, Fc silenced, ADCC and CDC enhanced), fragment designs (e.g. Fab, scFv and single V-type domains), multivalent designs (e.g. diabody, triabody and tetrabody), engineering multiple specificity (e.g. bisAbs) and optimization of fragment targeting. If you have interests in engineered antibody products and related customization services, please contact us for more information.


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