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ImmunotoxinsCreative Biolabs is one of the first-in-class global manufacturers of immunotoxins and is professional in producing all kinds of immunotoxins.

An immunotoxin is a macromolecular drug which consists of a monoclonal antibody linked to a protein toxin.The toxin is usually a cytotoxic protein derived from a bacterial or plant protein, such as Diphtheria toxin (DT), Cholera toxin (CT), Trichosanthin (TCS), Dianthin etc.. The antibody transports the toxin in the body and selectively targets it to tumour cells by binding to a cell-surface antigen. The toxin then enters the cell and incapacitates it by irreversibly blocking an essential metabolic process. As it has little harm to normal tissues, it is vividly called "the biological missiles".

Antibody-toxin conjugates (immunotoxins) can be produced by using conventional chemical coupling techniques or recombinant DNA techniques. Creative Biolabs is able to provide immunotoxins of high quality based on these advanced strategies.

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