Creative Biolabs distributes biosimilars development with advanced technology platforms and professionals. We are now seeking partners to develop biosimilars together. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

Helping you through each stage

The Science of Biosimilars
Physicochemical Characterization
  • Primary Structure and Amino Acid Modification Characterization
  • Higher Order Structure Characterization
  • Heterogeneity Characterization
  • Glycosylation Characterization
  • Drug Product Attributes Characterization
Biological Activity Characterization
  • Target and Receptor Binding Assay
  • Bioactivity Assay
Stability Characterization
  • Target and Receptor Binding Assay
  • Bioactivity Assay
In Vivo Non-clinical Studies
  • In Vivo Non-clinical Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics Analysis
  • In Vivo Non-clinical Toxicokinetics Analysis
Statistical Equivalence Analysis

Bringing speed to your success


To boost your biosimilar research programs, Creative Biolabs provides a full range of engineered antibodies currently available for disease research. We also have many other types of antibodies and protein products. With rich experience for over 10 years, Creative Biolabs offer high quality products that will meet your any requirement.