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IntrabodiesCreative Biolabs is a professional manufacturer of intrabodies and is specialized in providing all kinds of intrabodies available for a variety of in vitro and in vivo studies.

Intrabodies are antibodies with high antigen-binding affinity and exquisite specificity that can potentially recognize intracellular antigens. They are expressed within a specific subcellular compartment (endoplasmic reticulum, nucleus etc.) as directed by the intracellular localization signals genetically fused to N- or C-terminus. They can exert the biological activities by interfering with the intracellular transport or misdirecting the localization of target proteins. Therefore intrabodies are emerging as therapeutic agents for the treatment of misfolding diseases as well as molecular tools for the understanding of their pathogenesis.

Intrabodies are commonly in the forms of scFv, Fab and even single domain antibodies. Our phage display technology offers a mass of accessible resources and we guarantee providing products of high purity and high affinity to meet demands.

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