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Magic™ Codon Optimization Platform

Creative Biolabs has developed and commercialized a range of innovative codon optimization services based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which enables customers to optimize the design of wild-type or recombinant gene sequences for higher expression in prokaryotic and mammalian expression systems.

Why Codon Optimization?

Codon optimization is a process used to improve gene expression and translation efficiency by regulating the codon preference of host organisms, which is crucial for heterologous expression in recombinant protein production. Most optimization solutions employ host-biased codons to substitute less frequent codons to create recombinant therapeutic proteins, which are limited by factors such as biological complexity and species heterogeneity. Consequently, medicinal efficacy suffers, and allergic reactions occur. Therefore, Creative Biolabs has established the magic™ codon optimization platform with better and safer features to address the disadvantages of rational approaches.

The known translation-dependent roles of codon usage. Fig.1 The known translation-dependent roles of codon usage. (Liu, 2020)

Our Magic™ Codon Optimization Platform

Generally, a variety of variables might influence a gene's transcriptional and translational efficiency in a host organism, such as codon bias, mRNA secondary structures, GC content, mRNA destabilizing motifs, and so on. Creative Biolabs' magic™ codon optimization platform takes all these factors into consideration and uses a cutting-edge AI sequence design algorithm to decode and leverage extremely complex biological information to design novel sequences that produce extremely high protein yields while preserving their native conformation and function.

The degenerate genetic code. Fig.2 The degenerate genetic code. (Mauro & Chappell, 2014)

Advantages of Magic™ Codon Optimization Platform

Algorithmic Model Based on Multi-Factors Breaks Traditional Restrictions

Unlike the rational methods which are constrained by known information, our AI-based model goes far beyond these constraints by decoding biological complexity and inventing novel optimization patterns inspired by biology.

A.I Guided Codon Substitution Design Maximize Protein Yield
And Increase Monomer Percentage

Based on deep learning from nature, our algorithms successfully found a balance between many optimization parameters, maximizing the protein expression rates without altering the encrypted folding patterns.

Featured Applications of Our Codon Optimization Platform

Highlights of our platform. Fig.3 Highlights of our platform. (Creative Biolabs)

Codon optimization is a vital tool used in maximizing recombinant protein expression. This technology can not only make protein expression more accurate, efficient, and stable, but also effectively reduce the toxicity to cells and the impact on the environment, and has been widely used in vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

With the successful application of Creative Biolabs' codon optimization platform, more options are provided for in vitro prokaryotic expression, which also facilitates the development of specific antibodies. A typical example is that codon optimization results in a 9-fold increase in antibody yield over nonoptimized antibody yield without changing the original structure of the protein, which has never been achieved by Creative Biolabs.

Furthermore, Creative Biolabs will continue to expand the use of the magic™ codon optimization platform in vaccination, drug development, etc.

Work with Creative Biolabs

How to order with Creative Biolabs

How to order with Creative Biolabs

In the field of applying codon optimization platforms, Creative Biolabs has extensively experienced scientists and cutting-edge technologies and can offer the most comprehensive services and products. Please don't hesitate to contact us for consultation.


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For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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