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Bispecific Antibody

Bispecific AntibodiesCreative Biolabs is a specialized manufacturer of bispecific antibodies based on our advanced technology and years of experience. We are available to supply all kinds of bispecific antibodies that can be applicated in various research uses.

Bispecific antibodies are now being served as effective therapeutic agents in cancer immunotherapy. Certain recombinant strategies have been developed to synthesize bispecific antibodies, which include single chain variable fragment (scFv)-derived formats such as tandem diabodies, diabodies, BiIEs (bispecific immune cell engagers), and, as well as immunoglobulin G(IgG)-based formats such as two-in-one antibodies.

We offer a number of advanced strategies (recombinant DNA technology, phage display technology etc.) to synthesize the most comprehensive bispecific antibodies above-mentioned with high purity and affinity.

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