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Soluble T Cell Receptor

Therapeutic AntibodiesCreative Biolabs scientists are discovering and manufacturing more immunological reagents, which is one of the largest soluble T cell receptor products suppliers. We own the most comprehensive list of various scTCR products. Our scientists are pleased to offer high quality soluble TCR to assist our customers all over the world.

Full-length TCR contains two variable and constant two domains (Vα-Cα and Vβ-Cβ domains) as well as transmembrane and cytoplasmic domains. The TCR is difficult to purify, because of its transmembrane nature. Similar to scFv of antibodies, a soluble scTCR molecule consists of only the TCR variable α region (Vα) and TCR variable β region (Vβ) joined by a flexible linker. TCR genes derived from murine or human T cell clones. The single chain TCR Fv fragments are constructed in the Vα-L-Vβ or Vβ-L-Vα. The scTCR can be used for treatment of cancer, viral diseases, autoimmune diseases and so on.

Compared to full-length TCRs, single-chain TCRs have significant advantages:

• High expression and stable protein
• Fast purification
• High yields
• Improved tissue penetration
• Minimal size

Creative Biolabs scientists are focusing on discovering and developing new single chain TCR products depending on prime equipments and management. With the goal of first-in-class product quality and thoughtful after-sale service, we are providing soluble TCR custom services and high quality scTCR products to meet customer needs.

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