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Recombinant Antibody

Recombinant AntibodiesCreative Biolabs is a pioneer of discovering and producing recombinant antibodies and one of the largest supplier of rAbs, providing high quality and the most well-found products, involving all areas of life sciences.

Recombinant antibodies are antibodies that are produced in vitro by recombinant DNA technologies without using animals. The intact antibody contains two Fab domains and Fc domain. It is a larger molecular antibody. The rAbs are easy to manufacture and need short cycles. They have high purity and affinity. The applications of rAbs are extensive, such as neutralizing antigens that are harmful to human. In total, recombinant antibodies have been widely applied in various scientific researches.

Creative Biolabs scientists are discovering and manufacturing more recombinant antibodies. The products we offer cover many targets in different species from microorganism to animals and plants. There are multiple clones can be selected for one target. You can find products you want in Creative Biolabs.

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