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Recombinant Antibody Production Services in Cell-Free System

With extensive knowledge of the fields related to antibodies, Creative Biolabs is offering the most comprehensive services for antibody production. We established cell-free protein expression platform to support the development of antibodies and other therapeutics. We now provide recombinant antibody production in a cell-free systems services for our clients around the world, including E. coli cell-free systems, reticulocyte cell-free systems, wheat germ cell-free systems, insect cell-free systems, CHO cell-free systems as well as labeling of antibodies and antibody fragments with non-canonical amino acids service.

Cell-Free Recombinant Antibody Production Services in Creative Biolabs:

Creative Biolabs can employ an efficient transcription/translation reaction to express and manufacture the functionally active antibodies, including scFv antibody fragments, Fab antibody fragments, and full-length antibodies. By scaling up or miniaturizing the in vitro synthesis processes, the target antibodies and antibody fragments can be synthesized in milligram quantities.

Rabbit reticulocyte lysate can be used by Creative Biolabs to make antibodies and antibody fragments. This system extensively explains the mechanisms of translation, co-translational modifications, protein translocation, and mammalian post-translational modifications. The lysed reticulocytes recovered from rabbits treated with phenylhydrazine are used to create the reticulocyte lysate. Micrococcal nuclease is used as a pre-treatment to extract endogenous mRNA from the lysed reticulocytes.

Wheat germ cell-free system becomes a crucial tool for producing antibodies and antibody fragments. Milligram amounts of antibodies and antibody fragments can be produced by Creative Biolabs using the wheat germ cell-free technology, along with the highly parallel synthesis of numerous distinct antibodies under a single set of reaction conditions.

Insect cell-free systems are based on insect cell extracts, which contain ribosomes, tRNAs, soluble enzymes, and components crucial for initiation and elongation. Amino acids, ribonucleoside triphosphates (NTPs), and an NTP-regenerating mechanism must be added to the systems. Creative Biolabs now offers the antibody production service in insect cell-free systems.

CHO cells are the most widely used expression host for recombinant antibodies. The advantages of using CHO cells as a production host are combined with the advantages of cell-free systems generally in the CHO cell-free system. Depending on the quantity of antibody required for additional analysis, Creative Biolabs can be carried out on a variable scale ranging from microliter to milliliter over a liter.

Since cell-free systems are not constrained by the potential cytotoxicity of amino acid analogs, they offer an effective way to label antibodies and antibody fragments with non-canonical amino acids. Target antibodies and antibody fragments can be co-translationally tagged with one or more non-canonical amino acids through Creative Biolabs' labeling of antibodies and antibody fragments with non-canonical amino acids service.


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