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High Throughput Antibody Production

As a leading recombinant antibody service and product provider, Creative Biolabs established advanced high throughput antibody production platform, meeting the increasing demand for recombinant antibody researches. With streamlined antibody production process, we can purify a large quantity of antibodies in a highly efficient way.


With the rapid development of antibody discoveries and therapeutic antibody development, it’s becoming more and more necessary to produce and screen a large number of antibodies in a very short time. To meet the increasing demands for high throughput recombinant antibody expression, purification, screening and validation, Creative Biolabs established an end-to-end high throughput antibody production platform.

High Throughput Antibody Production Service

Our one-stop platform spans the whole antibody production process including codon optimization, gene synthesis, vector construction, antibody expression, antibody purification, QC analysis in a high throughput approach. We offer superior mammalian cell expression systems including HEK293 and CHO cells. Moreover, we offer high throughput recombinant antibody production services both in mini-scale and large-scale, to fulfill the specific requirements of your project. Our end-to-end high throughput antibody production services include: (Please specify any additional requirements and reach out to our scientists for assistance.)

  • Confirm DNA Sequence
High Throughput Antibody Production Clients need to provide the VH, VL sequences and confirm the immunoglobulin isotype. Alternatively, you can provide the complete antibody sequences or plasmids.
  • Codon Optimization and Gene Synthesis
High Throughput Antibody Production We can provide the codon optimization services to ensure the high expression level of antibodies in mammalian cells.
  • Construction
High Throughput Antibody Production Antibody expression construction in our proprietary vectors or your designated vectors. We also offer plasmid sequencing and production.
  • Transfection
High Throughput Antibody Production Transient transfection of HEK293 or CHO cells in a high throughput way.
  • Expression
High Throughput Antibody Production Expression in a high throughput way.
  • Purification
High Throughput Antibody Production Purify the antibody by one-stop affinity purification.
  • Antibody Product
High Throughput Antibody Production Get a large number of antibodies and complete the QC analysis.
  • Delivery
High Throughput Antibody Production Purified antibodies
Project report
QC results


  • Flexible yield requirements ranging from 0.05mg - 5mg
  • High throughput production ranging from 24 to 96 antibodies
  • Most cost-effective way with fast turnaround time
  • One-stop solution from sequence to final product delivery


Our high throughput antibody production service can be designed to support your therapeutic antibody screening program including but not limited to:

  • Epitope binning
  • Ligand competition binding studies
  • Affinity measurement
  • Primary and secondary screening
  • Biophysical characterization
  • Antibody development assays

Creative Biolabs offers comprehensive suite of high throughput antibody production services for both therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and reagent antibodies. Our scientists and expert technicians are dedicated to customizing your program to best tailor your requirements. Please contact us to learn more about how we can be involved in your project.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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