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Tobacco-based Expression System

Tobacco, as a plant-based bioreactor, has the ability to manufacture a wide range of proteins including antibodies and vaccines. Supported by our advanced technology platform and experienced scientists, Creative Biolabs offers tobacco-based antibody expression services to accelerate your programs and meet your study milestones.

Introduction of Tobacco-based Expression System

Plant bioreactor is a production system that utilizes plant cells, tissues, organs, and whole plants as "factories" to produce biological preparations such as medicinal proteins, enzymes for industry and agriculture, special carbohydrates, biodegradable plastics, lipids, and other secondary metabolites through genetic engineering. Tobacco has been and will continue to be major bioreactors that have several technical advantages. Firstly, tobacco is susceptible to genetic modification and also provides various methods of expressing proteins of interest, including transient expression and stable expression. In addition, tobacco has leaf biomass as high as 100 tons per hectare and high levels of soluble protein, which promote it to be an efficient bioreactor. Finally, tobacco-based antibody expression system is environmentally friendly, as the protection against food-chain contamination and bio-containment. These characteristics made tobacco particularly well suited for plant-based bioreactor to product biopharmaceutical proteins.

Schematic illustration of production of the plant-derived anti-HER2 VHH-FcK antibody. Fig.1 Schematic illustration of production of the plant-derived anti-HER2 VHH-FcK antibody. (Park, 2020)

Tobacco-based Expression Services at Creative Biolabs

With years of experience in the field of tobacco-based antibody expression, Creative Biolabs offers a full package of tobacco-based antibody expression services to support your study. We have a mature plant-based antibody expression, production, and purification platform. Moreover, our scientists are highly specialized, which guarantees the quality of our products and services.

Highlights of Our Tobacco-based Expression System

  • Complete eukaryotic post-translational modifications.
  • Capable to produce virtually any proteins.
  • Inexpensive and nearly unlimited scalability.
  • Rapid and effective.

Process of Tobacco-based Expression Services

  1. Confirm sequence, codon optimization, and gene synthesis.
  2. Vector construction.
  3. Transferring the gene into tobacco plants.
  4. Regeneration of tobacco plants.
  5. Selecting the protein-expressing plants
  6. Growing the selected tobacco lines in field.
  7. Harvesting of tobacco materials.
  8. Purifying the target protein.
  9. Testing the biosafety and functionality of target protein.

Process of tobacco-based antibody expression. Fig.2 Process of tobacco-based antibody expression. (Creative Biolabs)

Creative Biolabs is committed to offering services in custom design, expression, and purification of antibodies to global customers. With advanced technology platforms and professionals, we are capable to produce virtually any antibodies to meet our customers’ needs. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us or directly send us an inquiry.


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For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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