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Antibody-like Scaffold Protein

Antibody-like Scaffold ProteinsCreative Biolabs is a unique scaffold provider who own the most comprehensive list of various scaffold proteins. Our devoted scientists are pleased to offer high quality scaffold proteins of choice to assist our customers all over the world.

Scaffold proteins are characterized by the ability to simultaneously interact and/or bind with multiple other proteins, and organize partner proteins into a framework to facilitate their concerted interactions and functions. In biology realm, scaffold proteins play a crucial role in a wide range of biotechnological and pharmaceutical applications. They can be treated as a kind of antibody mimetics in the development or application of therapeutic and diagnostic tools.

Compared with commonly used antibody, scaffold proteins have various advantages:
• Smaller size
• Better solubility
• Higher thermodynamic stability
• Better tissue penetration
• Lack of aggregation
• Comparatively lower costs

With extensive research and development experience in the field of scaffold protein, the delivered products from Creative Biolabs have assisted our customers all over the world. We can offer the most comprehensive list of scaffold proteins, including over 30 different types, such as 10-FnIII, Min-23, Ubiquitin, Kunitz domains, PDZ domain, Z-domain of protein A and so on. In addition, bulk purchasing of scaffold proteins from GLP to GMP level could also be accepted. Through the past decade, Creative Biolabs has been well-recognized by our guaranteed high quality products, excellent credit and passionate services.

As an industry leader, Creative Biolabs is proud of our rigorous academic team, advanced technique platforms, considerate services and the highest quality products. To further promote the meritorious scaffold protein research of our clients, our scientists also provide novel library construction services for scaffold proteins. If there is any interested in our scaffold protein products or library construction services, please free feel to contact us at . Our seasoned scientists will be more than happy to serve you!

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