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Artificial Intelligence-Driven Antibody Discovery Services

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Creative Biolabs is building a next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven antibody drug discovery platform and works with our customers to promote the efficiency of new antibody development and provide optimal antibody design services.


Antibodies are a crucial component of the immune system's arsenal in combating viral infections, and their ability to target a wide range of proteins makes antibody therapies highly valued in the biotech industry. However, the current approach to antibody design in pharmaceuticals relies heavily on laborious molecular screening processes to identify antibodies with specific properties, which is time-consuming and unable to keep pace with virus mutations.

To expedite the research and development of antibody therapies, Creative Biolabs has developed an AI algorithm capable of generating novel protein structures tailored to customer specifications, enabling the creation of highly effective antibody drugs. Our staff has utilized millions of protein sequences to train AI in natural protein evolution strategies, allowing for the efficient engineering of human antibody molecules through evolutionarily viable mutations.


In Creative Biolabs, we offer a comprehensive range of AI-related antibody development services, encompassing antibody sequence data screening library construction, in silico antibody properties and structure prediction, machine learning (ML) model-based antibody design generation, antibody decision region loops (CDR) evaluation, and antibody structural components identification.

Fig.1 Artificial Intelligence-Driven Antibody Discovery.


Currently, the CBL™ AI model has been trained on several thousand antibody sequences and has learned nearly 100 million protein sequences. A significant portion of its recommendations for antibody mutations demonstrate improved thermal stability, enhanced neutralizing activity against their target viruses, as well as improved antibody binding affinity. Moreover, our AI model is capable of not only enhancing existing antibodies but also generating new antibodies, offering alternative options for molecular targets that existing antibody design methods are unable to address.

Meanwhile, we can also conduct wet detection on generative AI antibodies. The molecules generated or optimized by the AI model are further verified and screened through high-throughput wet experiments, and the experimental data are fed back to our AI model to enhance the accuracy and confidence of AI prediction. After multiple rounds of AI design and wet experiment verification, functional molecules can be found more efficiently.


Creative Biolabs is a leading CRO company in antibody discovery and optimization. Using self-collected and continuously generated high quality, high quantity, and real antibody research and development data, we have been committed to creating a new data-driven and biology-driven AI antibody development workflow, establishing a wet/dry combination of macromolecular AI antibody discovery platform, and producing ideal antibody drugs with infinite diversity and no boundary.

High efficiency: AI technology can quickly analyze and process large amounts of data, dramatically shortening the timeline of antibody discovery and design.

High accuracy: Deep learning models can provide highly accurate predictions and reduce trial and error in laboratory work.

High orientation: AI algorithms can take multiple properties into account when selecting candidate molecules, which can greatly reduce uncertainty in antibody engineering.

High novelty: AI can not only optimize existing antibody designs but also discover new design concepts and targets, expanding the boundaries of research.

Creative Biolabs has established a top high-throughput and integrated R&D platform for innovative antibody drugs and has accumulated and formed a large antibody library and other technical resources. It is suitable for challenging difficult innovative antibody targets, and it is also suitable for developing difficult new antibody molecules. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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