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Antibodies LibrariesCreative Biolabs is the world-leading antibody library industry. We can offer the customer many different choices, which satisfy most research needs. We provide many kinds of high quality premade and ready-for-use antibody libraries including: scFv, Fab VHH, original from human, mouse, rabbit, chicken, camel and llama. If none of the pre-made library meets your requirement, you are welcome to contact us, and we will be more than happy to create a custom library for you.

Display technology (phage display technology and yeast display library screening technique) has become major approaches in producing highly specific antibodies for human therapy. There are several type of antibody libraries based on display technology like immunized antibody libraries and naive antibody libraries. The strategies that can be used to construct display antibody libraries contain: the antibody libraries are designed from human variable light (VL) and variable heavy (VH) repertoires by amplifying the variable gene repertoires of one or more individuals; the other method is that the libraries are constructed by a random combination of VL and VH chain coding genes. Then the amplified antibody coding genes are assembled to be displayed on the surface of the phages or Yeast as Fab or scFv antibody fragments. The antibody libraries must have enough diversity since this will be crucial in selecting binding clones for any given antigen.

Advantages of our premade antibody libraries:
• High diversity of over 2.0×109
• kinds of different libraries forms which can be offered
• Could provide many species of antibody libraries besides human and mouse, such as rabbit, rat, camel and so on.

These antibody libraries in both yeast display and phage display formats are available for licensing:
• Premade Human and Mouse Antibody Libraries
• Yeast Display Human scFv Library
• Premade Single Domain Antibody Library
• Immunized Human Antibody Libraries

Antibodies Libraries

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