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Mouse Antibody

Mouse Antibody Antibodies have been the fastest growing class of therapeutic agents in recent years. Some IgG-based biotherapeutic agents have achieved an obvious efficacy in clinical use. Creative Biolabs is a professional and world-leading manufacturer of antibody-based therapeutic agents. We can provide the most cost-effective therapeutic antibody products for both in vitro and in vivo researches of a wide variety of diseases, including cancers and immune disorders.

As mouse is the predominant animal host for monoclonal antibody production, most of early therapeutic antibodies are mouse-derived molecules. For example, the first therapeutic antibody, named Muromonab-CD3, is a mouse monoclonal antibody against CD3 protein, which was indicated for use to prevent heart, liver or kidney transplant rejection. Several methods have been developed to produce mouse antibodies up to now. Initially, mouse antibodies are usually obtained by hybridoma technique, which is developed by fusing immortal mouse myeloma cells and splenic B cells from immunized animals. Due to the rapid growth in demand for antibody production and serious animal welfare concerns, recombinant technology has gradually replaced the hybridoma technique recently. The recombinant antibodies can be produced without the use of animals.

In Creative Biolabs, we have developed a mature recombinant technology for mouse antibody production in the past 10 years. We promise to provide you the most comprehensive therapeutic mouse antibody products with high-affinity, high specificity and low off-target activity. Additionally, if none of the pre-made antibody meets your requirement, you are welcome to contact us, and we will be more than happy to create a custom product for you.

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