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Anti-idiotypic Antibody

To meet the need in pre-clinical study of therapeutic antibody and vaccine development, we Creative Biolabs expand our antibody category and launch the anti-idiotypic antibody products for various applications such as pharmacokinetic study, neutralizing antibody study and immunogenicity study.

Anti-idiotypic Antibody

Anti-idiotypic antibody (anti-ID antibody) is a class of antibody that specifically binds to the antigen-binding site of an antibody. For each antibody molecule, the region that makes contact with an antigen is called complementary determining region (CDR) which is a unique site to be found within the variable (V) regions of an antibody heavy chain and light chain. The term idiotype refers to the whole collection of idiotopes contained in a single immunoglobulin molecule. Idiotopes may be either in the CDR or in the framework regions (FR) of the variable domain. Therefore, depending on the binding area within the immunoglobulin molecules, our anti-ID antibodies can be classified into four distinct types as follows: Type I anti-ID, of which the target idiotope is within CDR; Type II anti-ID, of which the target idiotope is within FR; Type III anti-ID, which may partially block Ag-Ab interaction; Type IV anti-ID, which recognize both idiotope of antibody and epitope of the antigen.

Creative Biolabs is a pioneer in antibody development and production in full range of applications. We committed to provide full range of anti-ID antibody products of high-quality for using in different area. Beyond an increasing number of our anti-ID antibody products, comprehensive anti-ID antibody custom service is also available for our clients to choose for their researches.

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