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scFv Fragment Antibody

scFv Fragment AntibodyCreative Biolabs has successfully produced scFv fragment antibodies by using advanced technology and equipment, providing a wide variety of numbers scFv fragment antibody products.

A scFv fragment antibody is one of small molecular antibodies. It consists of VH and VL domains and is approximately 25 kDa, accounted for 1/6 of the full length antibody. The scFv fragment antibody has many advantages. First, it is easy to construct and express and can be prepared on a large scale. Besides, it has a strong ability to penetrate blood vessel wall and the solid tumor, so it is the preferred carrier of targeting drugs. Also, the scFv is not easy to cause hypersensitivity and rejection. Finally, the scFv antibody can be cleared quickly in vivo and reduce damage to surround tissues. In a word, The scFv antibodies play an important role in the treatment of cancer and are more and more popular.

Creative Biolabs scientists are working to develop more scFv fragment antibodies. We provide high quality antibodies and perfect customer service to help customers quickly find the most suitable antibody products.

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