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Model Organism Antibody

Grounded in advanced technology and years of experience, Creative Biolabs is concentrating on developing recombinant antibodies from model organisms, which are in vivo models for the study of human diseases.

Model organisms provide a wealth of biological data that make them attractive to study as examples for other species, especially human, which are more difficult to study directly. For expamle, zebrafish is used as a classical developmental and embryological model for the unique combination of the optical clarity of the embryos and manipulability of embryology. C. elegans is chose to study the nervous system. It has the larger ascendance of showing the exact course of development at the level of individual cells. Also, with close genetic relationship to human, monkeys have been central to most of the achievements of medical treatments, such as Chimpanzee, Rhesus and Cynomolgus. Overall, for scientific research, it is essential to develop specific antibodies that can be used in model organisms for human disease studies.

To meet demand of scientific research, Creative Biolabs has been devoting to generating numerous model organism antibodies including but not limited to Zebrafish antibody, Nematode antibody, Monkey antibody. We guarantee our model organism antibody products are of high quality, and meet various requirements from customers.

Featured Model Organism Antibody

  • Zebrafish antibody
  • Nematode antibody
  • Monkey antibody
  • Drosophila antibody
Model Organism Antibody
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