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Human Antibody

Human Antibody Creative Biolabs is a pioneer in fully human antibody development. We provide a complete collection of human antibody products against full range of targets. Specifically, our experienced scientists commit to develop first in class human antibodies using well-established antibody platform on customer’s demand.

Since hybridoma technology first introduced to generate mouse antibody for human treatment, antibody technology has underwent great development, and chimeric and humanized versions constituted the majority of candidates in clinical study during the 1990s. Based on hypothesis that mAbs derived from human sequences would prove to be less immunogenic than mouse, chimeric or humanized mAbs, fully human antibody is developed. The data so far indicate that human antibodies exhibit better safety, efficacy and commercial value compared to other types of antibodies, and they are a promising and rapidly growing category of targeted therapeutic agents.

Creative Biolabs has developed advanced antibody discovery platform, including phage display technology and transgenic mice technology to create antibody from entirely human genes with high quality.

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