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Chimeric Antibody

Chimeric Antibody Antibodies-based treatments have been one of the hottest therapies in recent years. Some IgG-based biotherapeutic agents have achieved an obvious efficacy in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases, including cancers and immune disorders. Creative Biolabs can provide the most cost-effective therapeutic antibody products for both in vitro and in vivo researches, been a leading provider of antibody-based therapeutic agents.

Initial therapeutic antibodies were usually murine molecules. These murine-derived antibodies have a short half-life in vivo, a limited penetration into tumour sites and inadequately recruit host effector functions. Therefore, chimeric antibodies have gradually replaced them in therapeutic applications, being a new generation of therapeutic candidates. The chimeric antibodies can be created by fusing murine variable domains, responsible for the binding activity, with human constant domains. These antibodies are 70% human and possess a fully human Fc portion, which makes them considerably less immunogenic in humans as well as allows them to interact with human effector cells and the complement cascade.

With years of experience and sufficient researches, Creative Biolabs has successfully developed various therapeutic chimeric antibody products. We can provide the most complete collection of chimeric antibodies with high-affinity, high specificity and low off-target activity. We also provide custom chimeric antibody design and production services. If none of the pre-made antibody meets your requirement, you are welcome to contact us, and we will be more than happy to create a custom product for you.

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