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CDC Enhanced Antibody

Fc-mediated mechanisms complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC) is considered to be particularly important for successful therapeutic intervention. Creative Biolabs is proud to offer our global customers a novel CDC enhanced antibody production technology named Crea-Tag™, which has been confirmed to significantly enhance the CDC effect of antibodies.

CDC Enhanced Antibody Production

Complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC) - Role of Factor H

In complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC), C1q binds to antibodies, triggering the complement cascade, resulting in the formation of a membrane attack complex (MAC) (C5b to C9) on the surface of target cells, further leading to classical pathway complement activation. Among these factors attributable to CDC resistance, soluble regulatory complement factor H (CFH) was found to fail to activate complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC).

Functions of factor H are as follows:

  • Factor H is the primary soluble regulator of the alternative complement pathway.
  • Factor H binds to host cells by non-covalent interactions with membrane polyanions and C3b and its fragments, protecting them from complement attack.
  • Factor H is responsible for inhibiting the alternative pathway CDC and blocking its activity.

Crea-Tag™ Based Strategy

We have developed a Crea-Tag™ protein which can be coexpressed as a fusion protein with any antibody. By displacing the CFH on tumor cells, it can activate complement-mediated lysis.

Crea-Tag™ antibody modifications include:

  • Crea-Tag is cloned into pIRES-neo and pIRES-dhfr and produces N- and C-termini, light and heavy chain fusions.
  • Production of LysTag-modified antibodies in CHO cells.
  • Concentrate antibodies using YM-100 membrane.
  • HPLC antibody purification using HiTrap Protein G-Sepharose.

Mode-of-action: Crea-Tag displaces the CFH on tumor cells. Fig.2 Mode-of-action: Crea-Tag displaces the CFH on tumor cells.

Features of Our Crea-Tag™ Based CDC Enhance Service

  • Fully equipped molecular biology laboratory and mammalian cell culture.
  • Obtain FACS and in vivo molecular imaging.
  • Cloning and expression of Crea-Tag modified antibodies in CHO cells.
  • Standardized animal facilities and comprehensive animal models.
  • Tumor model of mice (xenograft).

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