Chicken IgY Antibody

Chicken IgY AntibodyCreative Biolabs is a professional manufacturer of chicken IgY antibodies and provides the most cost-effective chicken IgY antibody products for a variety of in vitro and in vivo studies.

Chicken IgY antibodies are egg-derived antibodies which are separated and purified from chicken egg yolk, not animal serum. Without restraining the animals, it is simply a more humane and animal-friendly way to produce antibodies.

There are several distinct advantages of chicken IgY antibodies compared to mammalian IgG antibodies:

  • Higher titres against highly-conserved mammalian proteins. Chickens are not mammals and they tend to recognize any mammalian gene product as foreign, and mount vigorous immune responses.
  • Higher specificity compared with mammalian IgG. Chicken IgY has less cross reactivity with mammalian proteins other than the immunogen.
  • Lower background compared with mammalian IgG. IgY is structurally different from IgG in the Fc region which does not bind to IgG Fc receptors and causes less false positive staining.
  • Chicken IgY contains a larger glycosylation index, allowing more labeling with HRP and other antibody tags.

Therefore, chicken IgY antibodies are emerging as very useful molecular tools for research, diagnostics and therapeutics.

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