CBM4-2 anti-calcium ions (SCM-L052)

The CBM4-2 that bound calcium ions was isolated from the library using Phage display techonology. The CBM4-2, an 18-kDa protein derived from the xylanase (Xyn 10A) of Rhodothermus marinus, has a β-sandwich structure formed by 11 strands and contains no disulfide bonds. It is a well characterized module with defined substrate affinity and specificity. This module is thermostable and suitable for evolution of new binding properties. After affinity maturation, CBM4-2 variants were identified having affinities for calcium ions as determined by biosensor technology. It's potential to be used in diagnostic, research and therapeutic applications.      

Scaffold Name
Xylanase 10A (Xyn10A)
Core Structure
Variable Regions
12 residues in carbohydrate binding site
Calcium ions
Expression Host
E. coli
ELISA; immunohistochemistry; Microscopy; Flow Cytometer; Western Blotting; Functional Study
Alternative Names
xylanase 10A (Xyn10A); CBM4-2; Ca2+; Calcium; Ca

For lab research use only, not for diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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