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Magic™ Eukaryotic Antibody Production Service

The creative scientists at Creative Biolabs have developed a series of eukaryotic expression services by combining the most superior masterworks of conventional techniques with several the most advanced strategies nowadays. Our first-rate eukaryotic expression services cover almost the whole spectrum of eukaryotic hosts widely used, which include the popular yeasts, several novel filamentous fungi, eukaryotic algae, insect cells, plant cells, mammalian cells, and transgenic animals. In addition, the most superior services of Creative Biolabs have successfully produced hundreds of polypeptides (such as enzymes, chemokines, functional peptides, multiple antibodies, etc.) with excellent quantity and fabulous quality. No doubt, our incredible eukaryotic expression services are standing at the most creative frontline of the scientific cutting-edge area with great creativity and powerful capability.

Magic™ Eukaryotic Antibody Production Service

As the expectation of functional proteins with high quality and quantity is growing exponentially nowadays and continuing in the future, the conventional prokaryotic expression services have barely been able to satisfy the sophisticatedly demanding requirements, such as the extremely restrict glycosylation pattern and some minor modification with critical influence. Thus, the diligent and creative scientists of Creative Biolabs have established the whole spectrum of eukaryotic expression services fulfilling almost all demanding requirements. No matter the conventional industrial and research enzymes, chemokines, growth factors, functional peptides, our services will design the most superior strategies for high-performance production, especially therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies with varied formats, which require extremely high purity and accurate modification and disulfide bridge patterns.

I. The Magic™ Yeast Expression Service: several popular yeast species are able to produce complex proteins with endogenous glycosylation or engineered glycosylation more similar to mammals.
II. The Magic™ Filamentous Fungus Expression Service: filamentous fungus holds several unparalleled advantages for specific expression targets.
III. The Magic™ Eukaryotic Alga Expression Service: alga expression stands for a novel and superior expression service balanced the quality requirements and high yield with the lowest cost.
IV. The Magic™ Plant Cell Expression Service: plant cell culture and whole plant expression possess a similar capability for complex proteins.
V. The Magic™ Parasite Expression Service: parasite culture expresses more suitable proteins with high-level modification for superior application in diagnosis and basic research.
VI. The Magic™ Insect Cell Expression Service: insect cells are a popular eukaryotic expression system for multiple research applications.
VII. The Magic™ Mammalian Cell Expression Service: mammalian cell culture produces almost every complex protein fulfilling all requirements for human applications.
VIII. The Magic™ Transgenic Animal Expression Service: the transgenic animal is capable to produce high-quality target stably with significantly low expenditure.

No doubt, our superior eukaryotic antibody production services of Creative Biolabs are the best helper for every researcher’s precious project. We are dedicated to winging every valuable scientific advancement up to milestone a biologic history. If you have any question, contact us now for more information.

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