PDZ domain anti-C-terminal peptide (SPD-L175)

The PDZ domain that bound C-terminal peptide was isolated from the library using DHR or GLGF domain Phage display techonology. After selections using DHR or GLGF domain, PDZ domain variants were identified having affinities for C-terminal peptide as determined by biosensor technology. It's potential to be used in diagnostic, research and therapeutic applications.      

Scaffold Name
PDZ domain
Ras-binding protein AF-6
Core Structure
α-Helixes, β-sheets
Variable Regions
Entire domain
C-terminal peptide
Expression Host
E. coli
ELISA; IHC; Microscopy; FC; WB; FuncS
Alternative Names
Ras-binding protein AF-6; PDZ domain; C-terminal peptide; C-terminus; carboxyl-terminus; carboxy-terminus; C-terminal tail; C-terminal end

For lab research use only, not for diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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