type O FMDV

FMDV has 7 serotypes, namely O, A, C (first discovered in Europe), SATl, SAT2, SAT3 (first discovered in South Africa) and AsiaI (discovered in Pakistan in 1954). The viral nucleic acid homology of 7 serotypes was at least 50%, and no cross immunity was found. The antigenicity of different isolates within the same type was different to different degrees, and the degree of serological cross reaction was also different. The evolution of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) has brought a series of complicated problems for the prevention and elimination of FMD, resulting in a prolonged epidemic of FMD in some countries and regions, even in countries where FMD has not occurred for decades. At present, developed countries generally use culling methods to control the occurrence of the disease, while developing countries still focus on vaccine immunization, so it is imperative to establish a rapid method to evaluate the vaccine immunization status. The old J gene of FMDV structure protein contains the main antigenic sites of FMDV, and the amino acid residues of the o-type FMDV structure protein VPl protein from 141 ~ 160 and 200 ~ 213 are the main epitopes of FMDV, which play an important role in the study of FMD.

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